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Performance - Focused Marketing

Driven by business outcomes, NF Media works alongside companies to successfully navigate an ever-changing digital landscape through a comprehensive approach.

Guided Direction

Are your marketing efforts leaving you feeling lost? Let’s pinpoint where you went off track. By developing a strategic approach, we grow brand recognition and generate business. If you’re not attracting new leads and engaging your current audience effectively, let’s set a new course.

Bridge The Gap

Building a brand involves constructing a bridge of trust between people and a service. Authentically capturing attention and providing value is how to lay the foundation. We can bolster your team with strategic, creative content and serve as the voice of your business.

Marketing Strategy
Brand Development
Web Development
Content Creation
Project Management
Consulting Services


To say I recommend her is a huge understatement. She is the best Marketing Consultant I have ever worked with. She provides us with a holistic approach, consulting and working in conjunction with us on everything from strategy to application. We have been able to grow our business over the last 7 years while working with Nikki, and there is no way that we would have been able to accomplish what we have without her.


Nikki is a highly professional and capable marketer and designer. She was clear on requirements and great to work with. She directs content edits like a pro, reminding of the strategic direction and purpose of each piece, and then tactically tying it together. It's clear that she has the ability to see the whole picture strategically and execute as a marketer, whether she is the leader or as a part of a team... I highly recommend Nikki for any organization.


Not just highly talented, Nikki is an excellent communicator and clearly someone with a huge heart. In 30+ years in the business, I’ve never experienced willingness, commitment and kindness quite like this. She didn’t just deliver – she handed over quality we had no business expecting. Much thanks for working not just tirelessly, but enthusiastically, collaboratively, and with great pride of work.


Nikki is very hands on with our account. She is an extremely hard worker and puts a ton of effort in to personalizing our content for our very unique industry; which has brought us a ton of new leads the past few years. I highly recommend using Nikki for your marketing services.


I wanted to recognize our phenomenal designer. In the process, she has significantly elevated the design aspects of this project. I have personally reviewed hundreds of marketing creative, and this is among the finest marketing creative I have seen. We'd like to thank Nikki for her dedication and commitment to excellence. If you are ever in need of graphic designer, she is second to none.


Nikki is an extremely efficient worker. And never, in the year I have worked with her, did she miss a deadline. How she managed that is a feat I cannot praise highly enough. While she has an easy-going personality, she knows how to motivate people. I always knew that with her on the team that the project would get done. I cannot recommend Nikki highly enough. Her industry talent combined with her experience and tremendous work ethic would make her an invaluable addition to any team.


Nikki is absolutely fantastic. Her eye for design, professional approach, and overall attitude makes working with her easy. She has been a valuable resource for me and my business.


Nikki is absolutely amazing! Not only does she constantly provide great work, but she is easy to communicate with, listens to all of your ideas, and comes back with great feedback. She is a trusted part of our team and we are lucky to have a professional relationship with her!


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